Commercial loans and financing solutions

Commercial loans and financing solutions

Commercial loans, leases, floorplan lending and more: Hitachi Capital Canada offers a one-stop shop for financing solutions.

Commercial loans and financing solutions tailored to the needs of dealers/vendors and their customers

Commercial loans and financing solutions

Advantages of Hitachi Capital Canada’s financing solutions:

  • Competitive rates;

  • Flexible terms;

  • Bank credit line protection;

  • Potential tax savings;

  • Quick response;

  • Simple solutions for complex transactions.

Hitachi Capital Canada financing solutions

Commercial loans and financing solutions

Hitachi Capital Canada offers complete financing solutions including traditional commercial loans, leasing and floorplan lending. Whether you need to finance your inventory, lease equipment or take out a loan, Hitachi Capital Canada can help grow your company. Hitachi Capital Canada is a one-stop-shop that can provide lending solutions to your company that will allow you to acquire the equipment you really need to increase your profitability.

About leasing


In the equipment finance world, leasing is a very popular solution. Lease financing brings the necessary flexibility dealers require to adapt to their clients’ needs; seasonal payments are a good example of such flexibility. Leasing also provides several other advantages to dealers and their clients.

Whether commercial loan or lease financing is needed, Hitachi Capital Canada offers solutions that make equipment acquisition an easy and trouble free experience.

For transportation equipment, the following conditions apply:

  • New and used vehicles financing, class 1 to 8;

  • Used trucks and trailers financing subject to certain age limits;

  • $10,000 minimum transactions;

Floorplan financing

Floorplan Financing

Floorplan financing is a flexible and simple solution for dealers. For both new and used vehicles, dealers are always in a better position when they have inventory. Floorplan financing also enables dealers to manage the short supplier payment cycle with a longer sales cycle..

Credit, life and disability insurance


You can’t predict an accident but you can prepare in case one happens. For a minimal monthly charge, we offer credit insurance that covers the entire balance of the contract in case of accidental death. In case of an accident, monthly payments are made by the insurance company while you are on disability leave. This provides excellent protection for your family and your estate, and it is fully tax deductible. If any problem occurs, the holder may continue to enjoy the assets acquired through lease financing.

GAP and down payment protection

GAP and down payment protection

These two new products are only available on assets financed through Hitachi Capital Canada.. If your commercial loan or lease is with Hitachi Capital Canada, we can waive your financial obligation in the unfortunate event that your equipment is stolen or involved in an accident that results in a total loss. Additionally, if you make a down payment on your loan or lease with Hitachi Capital Canada, we can protect the down payment for the initial 24 months in the form of a credit toward a future loan or lease with us, if a write-off occurs. A perfect fit for your investment that will get you back on track quickly.

Please refer to the terms and conditions of your commercial loan or lease for complete details. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about these products.